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High Rochester

Catcleugh Hut © Keith PaisleyCatcleugh HutCatcleugh Cabin © NNPAWorkers in costume
A small hamlet in Redesdale, nestling within the ramparts of an outpost fort north of Hadrian's Wall.

Brigantium, an archaeological centre with Iron-Age reconstructions and cafe, is well worth a visit.

Bremenium is the Roman outpost fort that lies adjacent to the archaeological centre. From the west gate the larger outline of a large temporary camp can be seen on the far side of the Sills Burn.

Visit Catcleugh Hut, a Victorian timber cabin, originally one of 60, used to house the workmen and their families during the constuction of Catcleugh Reservoir (1894 - 1904).  

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High Rochester is a good starting point for a number of walks in and around Redesdale. You can learn more about the history of High Rochester from our Historic Village Atlas.

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