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Information about excluded material

The public rights to information held by the Authority are defined in numerous pieces of legislation as indicated below. If you make a request for information the Authority will try to provide it, subject to the conditions and exemptions set out in the relevant legislation.

Excluded information includes that defined as exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 itself, along with that in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended); the Environmental Information Regulations 2004; the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1983 (updated 1996) and all information relating to private individuals by virtue of it being personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998.

In addition, a class of information may set out a range of information which the Authority is excluding from publication. Where that is the case, the reasons behind the decision to exclude are clearly stated.

In some classes a limitation on the age of some documents is stipulated. This does not necessarily mean information beyond that date cannot be obtained. It simply indicates that it is not available as a matter of course within the publication scheme. Requests for information that are manifestly unreasonable to comply with, by nature of being too general or vague, or which would require excessive time to deal with can also be excluded.

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