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Thriving Communities

Strategic Aim - 'Thriving Communities' "To ensure the thriving and vibrant communities have a strong sense of place and an economy grounded in the natural and cultural qualities of the National Park"

There are 21 actions identified within the Management Plan Strategic Aim ‘Thriving Communities’ for 2011/12

  • 48% (10) have been achieved;
  • 33% (7) have been substantially achieved; and
  • 19% (4) of actions have not been achieved.

To discover what the Authority and our partners have done to work towards achieving 'Thriving Communities' please click on the outcomes below;

Outcome 4.1

  • The communities in and around the National Park will have a strong connection to, and appreciation of, the National Park and be fully engaged in shaping its future.

Outcome 4.2

  • Effective infrastructure (services, facilities, networks etc.) will support socially and culturally active communities with a high quality of life and improved health and wellbeing.

Outcome 4.3

  • People will have opportunities to work in, live in and contribute to resilient communities in and around the National Park.
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