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A Living, Working, Landscape for Now and the Future

"To adapt to change by applying new approaches, together with traditional techniques".

There are 34 actions identified within the Management Plan Strategic Aim ‘A Welcoming Park’ for 2011/12

  • 71% (24) of actions are completed; and
  • 29% (10) are substantially completed.

To discover what the Authority and our partners have done to work towards achieving 'A Living, Working Landscape for Now and for the Future' please click on the outcomes below;

Outcome 3.1

  • New and better approaches to sustainable land and water management have been tested, adopted and embedded.

Outcome 3.2

  • The National Park has made an important contribution to increasing understanding about, and demonstrating the practice of, sustainable development and responses to climate change.

Outcome 3.3

  • There is sustained and economically viable business growth in sectors which sensitively make use of the natural, historical and cultural qualities.
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