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Annual Action Plan

How is the Management Plan delivered and monitored?

The preparation of the National Park Management Plan was led by the Management Plan Partnership. This partnership includes: Natural England, One North East, English Heritage, Forestry Commission, Defence Estates, Northumberland Tourism Limited, Northumberland National Park and County Joint Local Access Forum, Northumberland County Council and the Environment Agency.

To ensure the delivery of the Management Plan the Partnership prepares Annual Action Plans which provide detailed actions to deliver each outcome. Each action identifies who will lead on its delivery and when it is anticipated that the action will be completed.

View the second Annual Action Plan (2011/12)

The Management Plan Partnership are committed to the delivery of the Management Plan and progress of delivery of the actions identified within each Annual Action Plan is monitored every 6 months, with updates added here.  A full review of progress is undertaken  annually and included in the State of the National Park Report

The Partnership are currently finalising the Annual Action Plan for 2011/12 – it will be adopted by the National Park Authority in March 2011 and will be added to this page after it is endorsed.

Delivery of the National Park Management Plan - what has been achieved so far?

There were 85 actions identified within the Management Plan Annual Action Plan for 2010/11. The majority of actions were achieved (58%) or substantially achieved (25%).  17% of actions were not achieved during 2010/11.  In summary there are 49 targets which were completed, 21 which were substantially completed and 15 which were not completed.

PDF document View the first Annual Action Plan ( PDF Format, 156 kb) for 2010/11.

The table below illustrates delivery of the Management Plan Annual Action Plan at 31st March 2011. Further information on what has been achieved can be viewed by clicking on the links within the table.

Outcome Outcome Lead Status Status Status
Complete Substantially completed Not completed
A Welcoming Park
People who come to the National Park will feel they have had an exceptional experience in relating to the landscape and in finding peace, tranquillity and adventure and will have enjoyed their visit Northumberland Tourism 57% 14% 29%
The National Park will be accessible to a wider and more diverse audience including people who live in, work in and visit the National Park Northumberland National Park Authority 56% 22% 22%
A more diverse range of learning opportunities will be available to help people understand, value and contribute to conserving, enhancing and enjoying the National Park’s distinctive natural and cultural qualities Northumberland National Park Authority 80% 20%
A Distinctive Place
A distinctive place that will maintain a sense of inspiration and tranquillity Northumberland National Park Authority 50% 33% 16%
The natural qualities and diverse habitats that characterise the changing landscapes will be safeguarded and enhanced Natural England 50% 25% 25%
The rich historic environment and archaeological heritage will be understood, valued and cared for English Heritage 44% 22% 33%
There is a strong and recognisable sense of identity which is born of the deep rooted cultural heritage yet balances this with a vibrant approach to the future Northumberland Tourism 50% 50%
A Living, Working Landscape for Now and the Future
New and better approaches to sustainable land and water management have been tested, adopted and embedded Natural England 62% 13% 25%
The National Park has made an important contribution to increasing understanding about, and demonstrating the practice of, sustainable development and responses to climate change Northumberland National Park Authority 80% 20%
There is sustained and economically viable business growth in sectors which sensitively make use of the natural, historical and cultural qualities Northumberland Tourism 43% 57%
Thriving Communities
The communities in and around the National Park will have a strong connection to, and appreciation of, the National Park and be fully engaged in shaping its future Northumberland National Park Authority 60% 20% 20%
Effective infrastructure (services, facilities, networks etc.) will support socially and culturally active communities with a high quality of life and improved health and wellbeing Northumberland County Council 80% 20%
People will have opportunities to work in, live in and contribute to resilient communities in and around the National Park Northumberland County Council 50% 50%
A Valued Asset
The National Park is widely recognised for its environmental, social and economic contribution, particularly to North East England Northumberland National Park Authority 67% 33%
The National Park has made a distinctive contribution to a broader network of protected areas Northumberland National Park Authority 50% 50%
The value of the National Park as a place that is worth looking after is clearly demonstrated by the policies and actions of all who have an influence on the National Park Northumberland National Park Authority 100%

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