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Standards Committee Independent Members

Membership changes for the Standards Committee for the year 2010/2011 confirmed at the Annual Meeting of the Authority, 23rd June 2010.

Dr Tony Kelly was appointed as the new Independent Member of the Standards Committee on 23rd June 2010, for a term of three years subject to the continued operation of the Standards Committee.  

At the Standards Committee meeting held on 8th June 2010, Kate Monaghan was elected Chairman for the forthcoming year.

The current membership of the Standards Committee is:

  • Kate Monaghan - Independent Member (Chairman)
  • Tony Kelly - Independent Member
  • Keith McLeod- Independent Member
  • Robert Cornall - Secretary of State
  • Alasdair Mitchell - Secretary of State
  • Alan Sharp - Local Authority
  • Philip Straker - Authority Member

Dr David Fruin, who had come to the end of his term of appointment having served on the Standards Committee for the past five years., was thanked for his valuable help and support during that time.

The Standards Committee

The Government's ethical framework for conduct in local government affairs calls for independent membership of a Standards Committee to manage and advise upon the adoption and monitoring of standards of conduct for all its Members.

Northumberland National Park Authority, which has 22 members appointed by various stakeholders in the National Park, has established a Standards Committee. The Authority agreed in March 2008 to increase the size of the Standards Committee to seven members, three of whom are independent, to ensure that the Standards Committee is in a position to carry out the new role passed down from the Standards Board for England under legislation enacted on 8th May 2008. This legislation requires the committee to undertake hearings into allegations of misconduct against members of the Authority, should they arise. To ensure independence from the Authority all Standard Committee meetings and any sub-committee meetings will be chaired by an independent member.

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