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Message from the Chief Executive

National Parks are Britain's finest landscapes.  Collectively the 15 National Parks represent 'Britain's Breathing Spaces'.  Located on the border of England and Scotland, Northumberland National Park has its own unique role within the family of National Parks.

Designated in 1956, Northumberland National Park is a living and working landscape where the characteristic qualities of the National Park are the result of the interaction of human activity and natural forces.

Our vision is that Northumberland National Park will be a truly welcoming and distinctive place, easily accessible to all. Its natural and cultural assets will be widely recognised and valued and its living, working landscape will contribute positively to the well-being of the thriving and vibrant communities in and around it.

To achieve this the Authority is also working with its partners and local communities to help enhance nature, care for our historic buildings and monuments, enhance opportunities for people to visit and enjoy the National Park and to contribute to the well-being of local communities.

Peace and tranquillity is a key quality of Northumberland National Park, and a feature valued by local communities and visitors alike.  In 2014, the National Park became part of Europe's largest Gold Tier International Dark Sky Park, for the quality of its night skies.

Northumberland National Park is an exceptional place and we want everyone who visits the Park to have a truly exceptional experience and be inspired by what they see.

Working with the Youth Hostels Association (England and Wales) and other partners we have developed plans for a National Landscape Centre in the iconic Hadrian's Wall part of the National Park - 'The Sill'.  Our ambition is nothing less than to transform how people understand and interact with the landscape and we see 'The Sill' as being a regional and national resource in this respect.  

I firmly believe that the future of our National Park and our wider countryside can only be assured if they are relevant to future generations and a key priority for Northumberland National Park is, therefore, to allow young people to experience the National Parks as a place to visit, enjoy, learn, work and live. We want to help local young people make a future for themselves in the National Park and inspire young people from outside the National Park to enjoy, value and care for the area.  

If you share our ambition and would like to work with the National Park Authority and its partners to achieve our aims, please contact us and learn how you can help.

Tony Gates
Chief Executive (National Park Officer)

July 2014

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