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Equality Impact Assessment: Summary Report

Date of Assessment: 9th July 2009

Completing Officer's Title/ Position: IT & Infrastructure Manager

Service, policy, procedure, or practice that was Impact Assessed: Infrastructure Management

Summary of findings:

The equality impact assessment identified that there remains an ongoing workload programme in order that the Authority’s estate meets the requirements of the Equality Standard. Whilst the basics are generally well covered areas for particular attention relate to accessibility to buildings, safety measures within buildings and footpath surfacing on sites. The value of engaging with the Local Access Forum and Equality Forum are recognised and regular feedback is proposed. Additionally there is recognition of the value of repeating a fully independent survey of all sites and property on a ten yearly basis.

Summary of Recommendations and Key Points of Action Plan:

The provision of a visual fire alarm system in properties fitted with fire alarms, access ramp improvements at the National Park Centre Ingram, review access improvements at Walltown Recreational Site as well as a review of all property entrances, ongoing engagement with the Equalities Forum and an updated independent audit and assessment to be undertaken in 2012.

Groups that this policy will impact upon:

Race: No
Gender: No
Sexual Orientation: No
Age: Yes
Disability: Yes
Religion or Belief: Yes
Other: Yes

PDF document Download the Estates Equality Impact Assessment Improvement Plan (PDF 59kb)

PDF document Download the Estates Plan Equality Impact Assessment (PDF 193kb)

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